Cruise or All Inclusive Resort- Which is right for you?

Being from the Northeast every winter when the temperatures nose dive and the only color you can see around is white my thoughts and pretty much everyone’s thoughts turn to escaping the cold. Some head west to California or Arizona, a lot head south the Disney World and Universal Orlando. Others want the sun, sand and sea of the Caribbean but are unsure of the best way for their family to experience that, visiting an All Inclusive Resort or taking a Caribbean cruise. While both are amazing vacations they may not be right for you and your family. 

 Beaches Turks and Caicos 

Beaches Turks and Caicos 

All Inclusive Resorts - All included, all right there 

All Inclusive Resorts have really exploded in the Caribbean and Mexico over the past 10 years. With so many different brands and types of resorts and locations almost everywhere they are great options for families who want to relax, families who want to have an active vacation and those that fall somewhere in between.  All Inclusive Resorts are exactly what the name implies, everything in included. This includes food, drinks (many resorts include top shelf liquor), water sports and kids activities. The plus side to this is it makes it easier to budget because there will be very few expenses while you are on vacation. All Inclusive resorts are also great for families because they have something for everyone. Kids can have fun and meet new friends in the kids clubs, many resorts have teen clubs or game lounges and adults can try new things like cooking classes or tequila tastings. If you are a family that wants to be on the go All Inclusive Resorts in locations like Costa Rica and Jamaica have local attractions like volcanoes and waterfalls!

Cruises - Sail away and see it all

Cruising has come a long way from the days of shuffleboard and formal dinners. Today’s cruise ships are cities at sea with activities like surf simulators, rock climbing and escape rooms! With many different family friendly cruise lines and all different size and types of ships there are cruises to fit all kinds of travelers and budgets. Cruises are perfect for families who want to see many different destinations but are limited on travel time and also for families with a wide age range of kids. Many cruise ships have nurseries, kids clubs and teen clubs along with on board activities for all age ranges so there is something for everyone. For larger families Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines even has family cabins that sleep up the 6!

Both cruising and visiting an All Inclusive resort are guaranteed to be great vacations for your family as long as it is the right cruise or resort for your particular family. That is why you should always have a travel agent in your corner who knows the ships and the resorts and can make sure your vacation fits your family!